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RLM060 UHF RFID reader module



RLM060 is a all-in-one mini UHF RFID reader SIP.It is the low-cost and

small-size interrogator module that Ray-Links designs for UHF RFID

application on consuming products and anti-counterfeiting field. RLM060

is equipped with power management and necessary auxiliary circuit inside,

which support wide voltage range and have low standby power consumption.

For some other application, it can work without any other electronic

components to help users to shorten the developing time of UHF RFID

products to be more competitive in the market. RLM060 supports personalized

commands flexibly and can be connected with PSAM card to support

security UHF RFID application.We provide packages in winder or disk.


● SIP:12×12×1.4mm

● Frequency:840~930MHz(customized according to customer requirement),


● Built-in protocol processing and RF section, with all UHF reader functions

 Only very few external components

● Protocol: EPC C1 GEN2/ISO 18000-6C

● Wide working voltage:+3.3~5.5V

● RF output:5~20dBm,Step 3dB

● Support standby mode

● Interface: UART and USB2.0, FS

● Compatible with Ray-Links’ previous

● API function library and demonstration program 

● Firmware update via UART

● Pins and functions are down for compatible with RLM100

● Low cost, for massive UHF RFID application


● Low cost desktop UHF RFID Card Reader/Writer

● Micro USB Reader

● Mobile phone external audio port miniature reader

● Instead of HF applications