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RLM300 UHF RFID reader module

rlm300大   模块

RLM300 UHF RFID Reader module uses advanced analog circuit design

and digital signal processing technology specified for RFID, aims at

high-end applications. With APIs on Windows and Windows Mobile,
RLM300 is easy to use. Powder processing module is built-in, can be

directly connected to lithium battery.

● Frequency: 840~960MHz (customized according to customer requirement)
Protocol: EPC C1 GEN2/ ISO 18000-6C
Low working voltage: +3.6~5.5V
Modular: SMD(42×40×3.2mm)
Maximum RF output: +30dBm
Interface: UART(RS232/485)
Support standby mode 、sleep mode 、Normal mode
Firmware update via UART
Multi-antenna extension
API on Windows & Windows Mobile
  *RS485 not supported temporarily

Handheld devices
UHF RFID Interrogator
Multi-function equipment