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Company Introduction

     Ray-Links(Beijing)Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise which is professional on developing

UHF RFID products include reader modules,reader chips,tags,alien tags,etc.and offer the technology service since

2012.Ray-Links is the first Zhongguancun core area“Sea Sail” enterprise, Zhongguancun seed enterprise and it

owns the qualifications of national “Commercial cipher product production unit”,“Commercial cipher product sell unit”.

     The core team of Ray-Links is for a long term on RFID industry with much experienced in product developing,

operation management,marketing management. Our products have entered the key UHF RFID application

field of Anti counterfeiting,Finance and Food safety.We keep the stable cooperation with the best domestic

universities and key research institutions.Besides the leading advantage of the technology,Ray-links built the

innovative business mode to aim at UHF RFID market request,especially for the special market environment

request of China.In products,we always adopt the system products of low cost general-purpose devices as

the market entry point, make the independent chips of highly concentrated independent intellectual property

rights as the middle and long time core advantage and keep the products promotion with the closed to meet

the requests of market cost and performance.In market positioning,RAY-LINKS forwarded the opinion of clear

industry chain division,strengthened the cooperation of production and research.At the same time, Ray-Links

make itself as role orientation of core hardware supplier,taking a step to the highly professional and specific road.

      Ray-Links is based on its own of long term technology accumulation and market development in the field of

UHF RFID,actively participated the work of application promotion for UHF RFID projects and autonomous standard

setting and test.Ray-Links is one of the main standard setters for GB/T 29768-2013 Information Technology-Radio

Frequency Identification-Air Interface Protocol at 800/900MHz and for commerce department Bottle wine tracing

and anti counterfeiting based on radio frequency identification(SB/T 10768(-10772) -2012),and a core patent

is written to the national standard.Ray-Links is one of the initiating units for Radiofrequency opening laboratory.

The lab is built by China electronic standard research institute and multiple units of domestic production research

that aim at integrating domestic and foreign technologies in the field of radio frequency identification technology,

developing and researching common core technology, promoting self-standard and technological evolution.The

company always insists on independent technological development route and with the high safety Chinese stan-

dard and rower of RLM series module products and Ray series application products have launched in the market.

The "ultra high frequency RFID protocol analyzer" with a visual graphical interface is also available in bulk.The

company has become one of the industry's technology leader team with its high-end professional and technical

team, modern management mode,and promote the industry booming development in China with independent