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RLM100 UHF RFID reader module


RLM100 UHF RFID Reader Module is the core  component  of  Mini

UHF RFID Interrogator.It integrates PLL, transmission circuit, coupler,

and MCU, etc... With Module built-in power management and 3.3V~6.5V

voltage range, it simplifies the redevelopment of user to the fullest extent.

You can conveniently control it by using API function library.

● Frequency: 840~930MHz (customized according to customer


● Protocol: EPC C1 GEN2/ISO 18000-6C

● Low working voltage:+3.3~6.5V

● Modular:SMD(25×20×2.5±0.1mm)

● RF output:5~20dBm,Step 3dB

● Support standby mode

● Interface: UART

● API on Windows & Windows Mobile

● Firmware update via UART

● Handheld devices

● Tag-writers

● Desk-top Interrogators