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Product introduction

RAY12 reader is a super small UHF RFID read and write device that can be long time standby. Beautiful appearance,compact size, easy to take and with 0.95` true color, OLED scree. It can display the number of the tag, the operation interface for user-friendly, user operation more convenient, intuitive. It can store the tag data offline, upload tag data via bluetooth. The reader can support the protocol of EPC C1 G2/ISO 18000-6C. The target market is for the occasions which need of portable, low cost, mobile data acquisition such as Anti-fake, Logistics,Equipment inspection, etc..


● Working frequency: 840~930MHz(According to the demands, FHSS)

● Protocol: EPC C1 GEN2/ ISO 18000-6C

● Bluetooth: 3.0 EDR+4.0 BLE dual mode

● It can achieve 100meters over the remote communication under the open

   environment and BLE equipment 

● Storage: Store 100tag data offline,upload  via bluetooth

● USB: Micro USB, the virtual U disk device, store upgrade file

● Firmware upgrade:Firmware upgrade  offline via update and upgrade file

● Working voltage: Lithium 3.7V/780mAh,  charge by general micro USB cable 

● Working time: Work more than 3hours for continuous reading tag     

● Operating temperature: 0℃~55℃

● Storage temperature: -10℃~70℃

● Outline size: 88mm*39mm*16mm

● Keys: 4functional keys

● Display: 0.95` true color, OLED screen

● Voice: Speaker

● Distance of read and write tags: Alien 9662 tag read distance is about 10~15cm

● Provide Bluetooth API and demo program  under PC and Android, IOS not